Monday, 4 June 2007

w850i: FRP: Part 2: R1GB001

A few days after posting the original w850i frame rate profile with the 2 button phenomena, a w850i user named '20' e-mailed me and was interested in running these tests on his phone. Even better, his phone has a different firmware version on it (R1GB001), and therefore was just what I needed to determine whether the 2 button phenomena was only happening on R1ED001. Thanks to 20, we have some results to display:

The above graphs have identical results as the original firmware (R1ED001). The normal mode shows times indifferent to frame rates (-23fps), while pressing 2 buttons increases performance significantly.

Using the data obtained from Part 1, we have plotted the time ratios of the old firmware R1ED001 (Normal, 2 Buttons) on the same graph as the new firmware R1GB001 (Normal, 2 Buttons).

As you can see, the time ratios are comparable to eachother, both having increased performance when 2 buttons pressed. Finally, here is the apparent fps plot:

It seems like the 2 button performance increase is more evident in the older firmware than the newer one. Either way, pressing down 2 buttons still shows an increase in flash lite movie performance.

So from these graphs, we have evidence that 2 SE w850i firmwares (R1ED001, R1GB001) both show a marked increase in swf performance when two buttons are pressed. I will be contacting SE shortly to see what their input on this is.

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