Saturday, 14 April 2007

Elements Icon Suite Flash Lite Menu (w300i, FL1.1)

I've been real busy lately, not a lot of time to work on this stuff. Anyways, I've finished up the Flash Lite Menu : Elements Icon Suite (uses Flash Lite 1.1, so should work on as many phones). This is a completely original flash lite menu that uses icons from the ever so popular Elements Icon Suite ( Here's a quick preview:

The menu is a slide scroller; don't mind the weird names in the title, that's referring to variable names. I didn't place much effort into the actual theme, so it's not as fancy. Note, that this menu is designed for the w300i resolution (128 x 160). Thus, any larger resolutions may stretch the bitmaps used.


The rar file contains the swf, thm and a readme.txt file. Follow the steps on my previous guides to get them operable on your phone.

Feel free to comment on this. If you decide to take apart my menu and edit it, I would appreciate if you would let me know beforehand.


Anonymous said...

hey man, im from chile, and i have the w300i, but when i try to install the .swf file, the phone says that the file is damage and cant be used,how can i fix that?..thanks

phirewerkz said...

Are you just using the swf file? You need to load the swf using phoneXS/FAR, and then load the thm file via file transfer.

Anonymous said...


hey ummm whats phoneXS/FAR mean?

Phentermine said...
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Daniel said...

Damn nice flash theme. Can't seem to find any for the w300 but this'll do nicely. Cheers.