Tuesday, 22 May 2007

SE AnalogBlue (Various Resolutions, FL 1.1)

Here's the finished product of my second flash lite menu. This one is totally built from scratch, featuring a scrollable text menu, battery, signal levels and the analog clock. I hope everyone enjoys this. There are three different resolutions to fit your SE phone needs.

I've also included a basic thm file that matches the colour scheme, but it is no way intended to be perfect thm file for the swf. If you wish to make your own to match this, I'd like to see what you can come up with.

Enjoy. If you decide to modify my menu, please let me know.

128 x 160 (w300i): link
176 x 220 (w550i): link
240 x 320 (w850i): link


peter3334 said...

nice flash menu :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you download the program to make the .swf files? I have a Sony Ericson W810 and would like to try to make a flash menu. Thanks

phirewerkz said...

You can use Flash 8.

Anonymous said...

I opened an swf file in Flash and I cant do anything with it? All the menus are greyed out.

phirewerkz said...

You can not open and edit swf files. You need the original fla file.

Anonymous said...


You're wrong man. There is a way to convert swf files to fla.

Phil said...

Yes, although there are some swf decompilers out there, they are unable to 100% convert back to its original fla form and will often require additional work.