Friday, 1 June 2007

How to: Incorporate Standby SWF into THM files

Some of the new SE phones on the market are beginning to support swfs as standby screens, with the ability to display and react to time, dates and other information retrieved from the phone. Here are the steps to adding a standby menu to a thm file. Credit to lithium3r:

1) Locate your thm file. Open it up and extract into a designated folder using TUGZip.

2) Now, locate your swf standby file. Place it in the same designated folder as above. For simplicity, we will call our file standby.swf.

3) In that designated folder, open up theme.xml. Add this line in the thm file:

<standby_image source="standby.swf"/>

If that line is already present, then just change the file name to whatever the swf is named.

4) Repackage all the contents in the designated folder into a tar file using TUGZip.

5) Rename the .tar file back to .thm.

6) Upload the thm file to your SE phone via file transfer method.

7) Browse to themes and enable that theme.

There you go.


Anonymous said...

hi, im kinda new to this stuff, how exactly will i repackage the files into a .tar file using tugzip, i cant find the option to do this, thanx

Phil said...

File -> New Archive.

It will then let you select the files you want to incorporate into the archive. You can then rename it aftewards.

Anonymous said...

I tried this with SE-W810i but no luck. Does W810 support this? I have uploaded SWF in phone File System itself and created themes based on that and that works, but not this one.

Phil said...

Nah, unfortunately no.

Anonymous said...

how do you open the thm file and extract into a designated folder?

Phil said...

Rename the thm file so that it's a tar extension. Open with winRAR and extract.

adnan955 said...

how to edit the xml file???

Anonymous said...

thnx, worked gud

Anonymous said...

Please Relply

What program do you use to edit the XML file and can you use Notepad?