Monday, 28 May 2007

w810i Frame Rate Profile

The next phone we have decided to look at for our frame rate profile is the SE w810i, a very successful and popular phone on the market that is FL1.1 enabled. You can take a look at the specifications here

If you do not understand the rationale behind these tests, take a look at my previous posts to see what I'm doing this for.

Here is the Actual vs. Theoretical Times for a rotating ball swf file for the w810i:

As with all the SE phones we've looked at, there seems to be a sharp drop in the actual times midway through the frame incrementing. Let's take a look at the time ratios:

From the graph, it seems like the lowest (and most desirable) time ratio comes at around fps 35, which is a bit lower compared to the w300i and w550i profiles we looked at earlier.

To get a better idea at what apparent FPS the phone will be displaying, I've decided to add another graph which compares the Actual FPS achieved from a defined FPS in FL 1.1:

Drawing from the above graph, you can see that the best FPS you're going to achieve with the w810 will be around 20 frames per second (achieved from FPS 35-110). Although the apparent FPS is the same regardless of FPS>35, it's a better bet to settle with 35 to spare the processor from higher loads.

I'm currently looking for other phone models to test out. If you would like to participate, please contact me: phirewerkz [at] gmail [dot] com

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