Sunday, 20 April 2008

Displaying Song Titles (ID3) in Wallpaper (Sony Walkman)

I really enjoy receiving e-mails/comments from people who discover new and interesting things. The whole dynamic wallpaper with Walkman features has not really been covered on this site, mainly because my phone will not support them =(. Either way, I will try to get a newer phone which supports this and soon I will get some tutorials up and running.

In the meantime, Martin has a pretty useful tidbit of information to share, with regards to displaying the song name in your wallpaper for phones with Walkman feature. Read the following:

I just thought that i will quickly write down, that because I am developing a wallpaper for my W580i, I wanted to show the ID3 tags. And using this worked, to display the title, all i did was create a new layer "Title". The create a dynamic text box on this layer with the variable TITLE. Then paste that code into the action layer, and underneath it write "fscommand2 ("MP:", "TITLE");". Now it displays the title when music is playing, and disappears when it is not. I suppose it will be like this for the rest as well, which I am about to try.

Thanks for your comment! And please keep the emails coming!


dual said...

Very useful stuff. I never knew the music information can be part of the wallpaper. I was wondering if it was possible to load external things such as videos and images using FL 1.1. As you probably know, FL1.1 is limited to 100kb which is quite annoying. If a video could be used as a background(especially a random one), then the background would be more lively.

Anonymous said...

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