Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Importing SE Music Player Data

What is the actionscript that receives the music info from those standby menus?

Taking a look at some commercial SE standby swfs, it looks like the key to displaying music information is the following command:


However, it seems as though this function is only supported in phones that run walkman player 2.0 [credit: peter3334], which are usually the phones that are able to run wallpapers. From here, it looks as though the variables imported are: TITLE, ARTIST and ALBUM. The actionscript associated with displaying, updating and formatting this information definitely seems more complicated than the ordinary flash lite menu...


peter3334 said...

I think this function is only on newer SE-Phones supported, because i tried it with my W550i and it doesn't work...i think this is a special featur of the walkmanplayer 2 that stores song information to a certain place ( i don't know if it's in RAM or a temporary folder) and the flash wallpaper canload it.

Martin said...

I just thought that i will quickly write down, that because i am developing a wallpaper for my W580i, i wanted to show the ID3 tags. And using this worked, to display the title, all i did was create a new layer "Title". The create a dynamic text box on this layer with the variable TITLE. Then paste that code into the action layer, and underneith it write "fscommand2 ("MP:", "TITLE");". Now it displays the title when music is playing, and disapears when it is not. I suppose it will be like this for the rest as well, wich i am about to try.